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Data Mining

As a leading data mining consultancy, we apply advanced data visualization, preparation, and mining methods to real-world business challenges in order to help clients organizations gain valuable insight into their data and these insights are the forum for making much more profitable and informed business decisions. Using the industry leading data mining and predictive tools such as SAS, SQL and Statistica, we unravel the nature and structure of vital decision making information and opportunities hidden within the client’s data.
Our ultimate goal has always been and will always be to help the client turn the stream of extreme valuable information within the data repository into a strategic weapon which is then deployed to enhance organisational efficiency in the public sector or to create a sustainable lead over the competition and consequently doubling our client’s profit margins in the private sector.

We lead organizations through the process of applying and integrating leading-edge data mining methodologies to database marketing, research and business endeavours both in the private and public body organisations. Through our data mining consultancy, we have contributed significantly to the bottom line by developing a wealth of productive insights for our clients, these insights have consequently become the platform for effective CRM strategies and the podium for very productive management decisions.

We have worked across a variety of interest ranging from bioinformatics, genetics, medicine, education, telecommunication, charity, Investment banking, retailing, healthcare, electrical power engineering to campaign analysis in consumer markets. Our recent data mining/predictive modelling engagements have included but not restricted to the followings:

Fraud detection in financial services.
Building customer acquisition, retention, and attrition models for a leading telecom company.
Ground breaking report on disease clustering for a healthcare provider.
Campaign analysis for a leading automobile company.
Developing actionable insights into the profile of investors/non-investors for an Investment bank.
Helping an environmental agency decipher the impact of changing land-use patterns on climate change.
Geo-Marketing company seeking customer segmentation based on spatial location.
Profiling and segmentation based on customers and frequency of purchase for a leading food chain.
Successfully assessing cardiac bypass surgery for a leading healthcare provider by developing a risk factor assessment based on certain patient characteristics which enabled the management to predict the outcome of a CABG surgery much more accurately.   

We believe in working closely with our client’s in-house team to build a solution and presenting the data mining concepts and corresponding solutions in language that is readily understood by a wide range of audiences, including data mining novices, company executives, and other business professionals.

We will be glad to look into your data mining needs and respond to your enquiries. Please click on the button below and fill in our enquiry form.  Or alternatively, please give on of our consultants a call.

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