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At the start of a new software development project, clients often have grand plans of what the project will deliver. These plans are typically (and correctly) defined in terms of business requirements and business benefits. When contemplating analysis or the development of custom software, it is possible (in theory at least) to implement these grand designs in their entirety but it is not necessarily cost effective to do so, nor the right decision for the business to take.

Techstone Analytics can provide consultancy during the project scoping phase to ensure that project deliverables will indeed provide value for money. It’s often safe to assume that the client is the expert with respect to business requirements and benefits, but Tech-stone Analytics can provide technological expertise to make the client aware of the consequences of decisions taken at the early stages.

It is quite common for business requirements to seemingly require technical solutions which are complex and relatively costly – often more complex and costly than actually proven necessary upon closer (and informed) inspection. Our Consultants can help the client to understand these cost / benefit trade-offs and to explore alternative, potentially more cost effective solutions that still satisfy the underlying business requirements. Such discussions can have a significant impact on the business case for a project, and ultimately the value for money that the project delivers.

One of the biggest problems to beset software development projects, and a major cause of project failure, is the lack of an adequate specification and design. It’s easy to see why – the client’s domain of expertise is their business requirements; the developer’s domain of expertise is their technical knowledge, and they don’t usually overlap. We call this the ‘business-IT’ gap. The specification is intended to bridge this gap and translate the business requirements into a definitive technical description of the project deliverables from which developers/programmers can work but creating this specification can be difficult because it requires knowledge of both domains of expertise.

The output of a specification consultancy phase is typically documentation (and possibly other deliverables) that defines the scope of the project from a technical perspective, making reference to the business requirements where applicable. Our consultants are well versed in requirement gathering, the consequent technical specifications, and the over-all project management while our programmers, testers, quality analysts are well versed in software design and coding, testing, and quality analysis.  We believe this to be our key strengths as an organisation – we engage closely with each customer and strive to achieve a deep understanding of their business and how the project objectives relate to it. Only by doing this can we understand what the customer actually wants, in order to bridge the business-IT gap.

We promise and we will deliver the software that checked all your requirements, and consequently enable you to enjoy all the business benefits that are in line with your corporate vision. The choice of development methodology such as Waterfall, Incremental, Iterative, Agile/Scrum or the "V" method, is a product of Individual client’s circumstances and requirements. A high-level component design might also be undertaken in order to help size the project more accurately. Together, these deliverables are sufficient to allow us to quote on a fixed-price basis for the development of your software.

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