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Marketing Research

We are highly skilled in designing and executing all types of consumer survey research for company brands, marketing insight for blue chip companies and consumer reviews. We diligently take our research projects from requirement gathering, business understanding, questionnaire design, field work/administration, data collection, coding, and analysis to report presentation. We can execute the following types of problem-identification/problem-solving research:

Ad Tracking – periodic or continuous in-market research to monitor a brand’s performance using measures such as brand awareness, brand preference, and product purchase or usage after a campaign.
Advertising Research – used to predict copy testing or track the efficacy of advertisements for any medium, measured by the ad’s ability to get attention (measured with Attention Tracking), communicate the message, build the brand’s image, and motivate the consumer to purchase the product or service.
Brand perception research - how favourably do consumers view the brand and what are the key traits that describe the brand promise?
Concept testing - the process of using quantitative methods and qualitative methods to evaluate consumer response to a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market.
Copy testing – predicts in-market performance of an ad before it airs by analysing audience levels of attention, brand linkage, motivation, entertainment, and communication, as well as breaking down the ad’s flow of attention and flow of emotion.
Customer satisfaction research - quantitative or qualitative studies in marketing research which focuses on customers' perceptions with their shopping or purchase experience.
Internet strategic intelligence - searching for customer opinions in the Internet: chats, forums, web pages, blogs... where people express freely about their experiences with products, becoming strong opinion formers.
Mystery consumer or mystery shopping - An employee or representative of the market research firm anonymously contacts a salesperson and indicates he or she is shopping for a product. The shopper then records the entire experience. This method is often used for quality control or for researching competitors' products.
Positioning research – Where does the target market see your brand in relative to competitors?
Segmentation research – A research methodology with the sole purpose of establishing the demographic, psychographic, and behavioural characteristics of potential customers of an organization.
Online panel - a group of individual who accepted to respond to marketing research online
Store audit - to measure the sales of a product or product line at a statistically selected store sample in order to determine market share, or to determine whether a retail store provides adequate service.
Test marketing - a small-scale product launch used to determine the likely acceptance of the product when it is introduced into a wider market.

In order to draw the correct conclusion and present the right information/reports to our clients, we will use one or a mix of the following methods along-side our secondary research:

Qualitative marketing research – an exploratory research methodology based on a small sample of respondents – desired information is collected through focus groups, in-depth interviews, and projective techniques.
Quantitative marketing research drawing on a much bigger sample, desired information is collected through a survey and questionnaires before coding and analysis. Techniques include choice modelling and preference scaling.
Ethnographic studies we conduct this by observing and documenting the elements of interest in their natural surroundings.
Experimental techniques we create an artificial environment in order to control or manipulate particular factors while leaving others untouched.  Observed effect is then documented, analysed and presented to client.  

Based on our client’s requirement, we might go on to conduct a full nation-wide survey (quantitative research design in order to devise specific recommendations for the client. Our ultimate goal is to secure the desired and accurate insight for the client within the estimated time and budget and we achieve this by taken care to understand the client’s needs, the clarity of the questionnaire, the depth of the analysis and the overall quality of the interviewing method.

Whatever the economic answers you are seeking on your brands and services, we are adequately equipped in guiding you to ask your stakeholders all the right questions and ultimately delivering the much needed information at a competitive price and on time to your desk.

Please click the button below to fill in our enquiry form and we will respond very promptly to your request. Or alternatively, please give on of our consultants a call.

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