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We don’t shout our praises at Techstone Analytics as we’d rather let our Clients testimonials do that for us.

You can find more of our clients testimonials on our social media pages!

Below are extracts from our repertoire of clients testimonials, do bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive


"Thank you Mike, Matt and the other folks that developed the proprietary claims management software. It is a magnificent piece of work.  Keep up the excellent work, we are very grateful indeed."
- Rachel Ward, WCUG Ltd

"The new financial crime monitoring system is an awesome piece of software. Your post implementation support exceed our expectations and we are hitting our targets more than ever before. Thanks."
- J Lewis, Access Bank

"Working with us on our customer acquisition project is turning out to be one of the most productive investment decisions we have ever made.  Our new client’s acquisition rate in the last few months is impressive and it can only get better giving the updates that are forthcoming. Good work! We will surely be working with you again."
- Aaron Mildstein, Southern Electric

"The breadth of the DataDirect platform support is extremely comprehensive. The innovations in technology have made the relationship a highly successful one"
- Scott Gidley - CTO and Co-Founder, DataFlux

"Your data cleaning exercise is just great, gone-away and data duplication among other issues that we have had in the past has gone down completely and we now see more returns on our investment. We will recommend you."

- David, BBS

"I LOVE the new data warehouse cross-platform... I am very happy with your product! ...Your ability to transform individuals and company requirements to exact specification is very commendable. My boss was quite pleased with your ability to deliver to budget, my managers were happy with your timeliness and the analysis team with the accessibility and operational depth of the new platform.  Cheers!"
- Michael Goodlag – Vice President, Executive Jets

"Working with the team at Techstone Analytics to develop our new software to automate the purchase and signing of insurance documents including electronic filings was quite enlightening. Processing times has gone down by 70% while cost has been halved already.  Top job."
- Tony Ziennab, CO OP

"I have been very impressed with your cluster analysis services and I am looking forward to using your services more for our marketing campaign effectiveness analysis which will be coming up shortly. I have and will continue to recommend your services."

- Kathy Ellis, Edebt

"Thanks to the team at Techstone Analytics, your thorough and in-depth analysis has given us a better and a pristine understanding of our markets, the individual segments, and profile of our customers. We are now hitting our targets more accurately and returns on our expenditure are much better than what it used to be. I know that our next quarterly result is surely going to be the best in a long time. You are so well recommended. "

- Roberts Dunlay, Retail operations TMW

"Developing our new CRM software was not an easy task. The planning and coordination was well handled, encompassing more than a thousand specific steps from requirement gathering to implementation. A well-orchestrated plan resulted in around-the-clock support and progress in concert with excellent client/developer contributions. I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to you for your perseverance, effort, teamwork, and the superb results this has produced.  Well Done!"
- John Delores - Marketing Communications, West Atlantic Energy Services

"Donor income to our charity has been the best in years and the management is so pleased with your work. Please keep it up."
- Annabelle, SOS UK

"My experience of working with Techstone Analytics was what we were looking for. The information I received was clear and concise and easy to understand. The amount of possible savings through consolidating parts, eliminating obsolescence and slow moving parts turned out to be much more than ever expected. The return on investment is immediate and well beyond the initial investment. We will continue to use Techstone services for our data cleansing and analysis requirements."
- Joyce Blumenthall, Active Credit

We will be glad to look into your data mining needs and respond to your enquiries. Please click on the button below and fill in our enquiry form.  Or alternatively, please give on of our consultants a call.

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